June 12, 2013

9 Months

Sarah and Coulson are nine months old. They are starting to sleep through the night (most nights) now and are getting more adventurous and playful. I absolutely LOVE this new stage we are entering!

Sarah is such a doll! She squeals and leaps for joy in our arms when we get her in the morning. She loves having kissing wars with Mommy and talks up a storm. Her favorite words right now are "Mama" and "Mom." She is teaching Coulson how to say Mommy's names, too. She is quick to smile at Coulson and tries to get him to laugh, especially when they are eating their solid food. She does this by sticking out her tongue and talking with food in her mouth. Sarah was leading Coulson in a conversation today and apparently it was exclusive to the twins. When I tried to join in with the video camera, the conversation died. Too funny! Sarah is rolling all around the living room and starting to explore the kitchen. She enjoys playing in the jump-a-roo if Coulson is otherwise occupied (he likes to climb on the jump-a-roo when Sarah is trying to bounce, thus weighing her down). Sarah has a teddy bear she cuddles with at night and I can tell they are going to be great friends.

Coulson is a mover! He is crawling everywhere and has a quest to climb everything in sight. Even at night, he has a hard time sleeping because he wants to climb the crib one more time! He also is able to pull himself up in a sitting position from his crawl. He is so proud of himself. He climbs on EVERYTHING, including his sister. Coulson also has a fun sense of humor. He thinks everything is a joke. He gets this twinkle in his eye and smiles all the time like he has some inside joke that's making him chuckle inwardly. He loves to twist on the changing table just enough to look at Sarah and laugh. Everything is funny to Coulson: burps, passing gas, Mommy crying (which doesn't happen very often), and when Daddy, Mommy, or Sarah come into the room. He is such a happy, smiley boy!

We just love our little ones and look forward to the next few months of their infancy. It's hard to believe they will be a year old in three months!

March 13, 2013

Where Does The Time Go...

Sarah and Coulson have been a part of our family for six months now! It's hard to believe that they are already half a year old. We have enjoyed watching them as their personalities emerge.

Sarah is our little cuddle bug. She nuzzles her head into our cheeks and gives us sweet little kisses. Watch out, though, because she sometimes likes to teeth on your jawline. She is very observant and loves to take in all the sights and sounds around her. Her favorite study topic currently are her hands. Who knew ten little fingers could captivate a person for long periods of time?! She is more reserved and quiet (kinda like her mom). She loves reading books, playing peek-a-boo with the blanket, and watching her brother play. Sarah has a very calm demeanor and just melts your heart when she smiles.

Coulson is our rough and tumble boy. He loves to be on the move!!! He rolls onto his tummy, grabs any and all objects (especially Mom's hair) and puts everything in his mouth. His favorite toy is the jump-a-roo because, did we mention, he loves to move! He is starting to pull his knees underneath him and lift up on his tippey toes. We think it is only a matter of time before he begins to crawl. Coulson likes to sit on his mom's lap while she plays the piano and coos along to the songs. He loves to be around people and explore the great outdoors (like his dad).

We look forward to seeing what the next six months will bring. We're thinking baby gates and childproofing are right around the corner...

November 5, 2012

Fall Time Events

With two babies in tow, it's difficult to find time to blog. That being said, here is a post written through pictures to highlight some of our fall time events. 
Austin's Halloween costume for work.

Austin's 33rd birthday and the twins' 2 month birthday on the same day.
Sarah's 2 months stats: weighs 9.6 lbs and is 21.5"

Coulson's 2 months stats: weighs 11 lbs and is 23"

They're starting to smile more and enjoy studying each other's faces.